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Dirk the Daring, a brave but somewhat clumsy knight ventures off to a dark and mysterious castle to rescue the beautiful damsel known as Princess Daphne from an evil dragon known as Singe. Dirk travels deep inside the castle to be met with deadly obstacles, ravenous monsters and chaotic ghosts that are destined to kill Dirk and end his quest to find Daphne and save her. Dragon's Lair's gameplay is operated on quick time events meaning that Dirk is not controlled by direct actions the player gives him but rather his reflexes with full motion video.

The progression of the game is predetermined on which direction the player sends Dirk and the chosen direction determines whether Dirk is met with being able to advance to the next level or be met with a comical or brutal death. The games controls are a control pad for navigating Dirk around an obstacle and an action button which typically involves him using his sword for combat or cutting through debris.

In the original game, level progression is random and some are mirrored and need to be played more than once. However some home ports give the option to go through a fixed path through the castle with some mirrored levels not being present providing a quicker playthrough of the game. Dirk enters the castle in this opening scene. Dirk slowly walks towards the castle door crossing the lowered drawbridge until he falls through but quickly catches himself only to be met with tentacle eye monsters lurking inside the moat that quickly lunge at Dirk.

Making his way into a seemingly dim weapon room, Dirk is met with tentacles that appear before him in all directions supposedly cornering him and trapping him in the middle of the room.

The Dragon's Lair - Jasna - Ski Chalet, Accommodation, Ski

Similar to tentacles, Dirk is trapped in a dungeon with snakes that emerge from the ceiling, walls and the eerie fog that covers Dirk's feet beneath him. Dirk walks through a door welcoming himself to a pit of fire hovered over by three burning ropes. Little did he know until the seemingly last second, the door closed behind him and the pillar he had been standing on began slowly retracting into the wall. Dirk's only option is to swing from the ropes before the burn out above him.

Dirk arrives in a room with a body of water in the center of it.

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Back in the center of the room, the room continues to disintegrate a leaving the knight's only option to jump into the body of water where snakes emerge from one of the pool's walls. Dirk quickly escapes retreating to what is left of the room where his is greeted by a spider that crawls down to him from above.

Dirk makes quick work of the spider jumping to the last bits of the room where two single tiles beneath and above Dirk start to meet in hopes of crushing him. Dirk walks up to a cauldron that quickly spurts out a large amount of hot liquid covering a large amount of the floor that Dirk quickly dodges as he makes his way to a flask that he inspects before being met with a large monster emerging from the bubbly liquid that Dirk smites with ease.

Afterwards a large astral being emerges from the cauldron and attacks Dirk in which he also defeats in a quick swipe. Although the first monster had been defeated, the liquid quickly gathers and covers the floor quickly surrounding the knight. Arising from a trap door, Dirk begins to make his way up a flight of stairs until from behind, he is under attack by a gang of Giddy Goons. Making his way down a staircase, the stairs underneath him flatten creating a slant that makes Dirk slide down until he catches himself and retreats to the stairs that didn't change.

As he arrives near the pit, The tentacle monsters from the drawbridge return and attack Dirk once more but Dirk fends them off and quickly walks up the stairs to the door. The stairs once again become slanted leaving Dirk to choose between the door and a nearby chain. Inside a ring of fire, Dirk finds himself face to face with a floating dagger as well as floating mace that he knocks back easily until an unsuspecting anvil rises and charges at Dirk to which he swiftly dodges.

Dirk fends off a charging spear then climbs upward to set his sword above magical flame in hopes of possibly enhancing it until a nearby statue comes to life swinging his axe at Dirk.

Dragon's Lair

An uneased Dirk approaches a spectral man after crossing a bridge filled underneath with spikes and avoiding to spiraling clubs. Dirk jumps to him while being surrounded by sprouting thorns, and the hero quickly vanquishes the spectre as the thorns grow and circle around him. A mysterious hand pulls Daphne away as she yells out to Dirk to save him. Dirk walks through a bedroom until bricks magically appear creating a wall in hopes of trapping Dirk in one side of the room. In a seemingly empty red room, a bench falls from the ceiling with lightning bolts striking it down forming trails of fire that Dirk to move around avoiding it until multiple bolts cause an inferno in the room.

Dirk quickly boards a mechanical steed that quickly takes off at full speed with Dirk just barely managing to navigate its direction.

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As he flies through the room, Dirk is met with walls of fire that he must avoid in order to advance. Daphne is once again pulled by a mysterious hand as she yells out to her hero. Dirk begins to chase her until a robotic knight appears sending electric shock waves that Dirk avoids approaching the knight before dueling it. Now in the hands of a Crypt Creep, Daphne once again calls out to Dirk as he is attacked from behind by a group of bouncing skulls. Dirk supposedly leaps out of harms way until a large skeletal hand emerges from a room attempting to grab Dirk but is defeated by a mighty swing from the knight who in turn advances forward avoid black tar-like liquid.

Well, you play the heroic Dirk the Daring, a valiant knight on a quest to rescue the fair princess from the clutches of an evil dragon! Originally released in the summer of , Dragon's Lair has solidified itself as a cultural icon in gaming. All Reviews:. Digital Leisure Inc. Popular user-defined tags for this product:.

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Sign in or Open in Steam. Includes 12 Steam Achievements. Publisher: Digital Leisure Inc. Share Embed. Add to Cart. Control the actions of the daring adventurer, finding your way through the castle of a dark wizard, who has enchanted it with treacherous monsters and obstacles. Beware of your foes, as they are numerous! Lead On Adventurer. Your Quest Awaits!

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System Requirements Windows. Minimum: OS: Windows 8 Processor: 1. Minimum: OS: Snow Leopard Recommended: OS: Snow Leopard See all. View all. Click here to see them.

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