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As Ravi unpacked, Clementi was chatting with Yang. Clementi and Ravi seem to have responded in similarly exaggerated ways to perceived hints of modest roots in the other. There were windows at the end of the room, and along each side wall there was a bed, a desk, a dresser, and a free-standing closet. Clementi set his desk at the foot of his bed, so that he faced the window.

Ravi, to his right, pushed his desk against the side wall, so that his back was to Clementi and his computer screen faced the room. Ravi and Clementi lived together for three weeks, but seem to have barely had a conversation. In an I. I figured, Oh, he was just a shy kid. Clementi was intending to major in biology, but he kept up with the violin. In Davidson C, Clementi practiced his violin, despite being self-conscious about filling the corridor with sound.

Ravi was often out carousing until five in the morning. Clementi was not, though he sometimes went to parties with a group of four teetotalling girls. In high school, Clementi had not been widely regarded as gay. He had been posting messages at Justusboys since he was fourteen, but they were rarely sexual; rather, he exchanged views about television and compact cars with other affable contributors, some of whom used names like Bigpimpboy Three days before starting at Rutgers, he came out to his family. I expected Tyler to be married one day, and be a father.

She recalled that she spent the rest of the week with him, delivered him to college, and, throughout September, spoke to him on the phone. We had plans for the day. This perhaps left him exposed: once he overcame his shyness, he was not shy at all. His sexual self—born on the Internet, in the shadow of pornography—seems to have been largely divorced from his social self. After Clementi died, Gawker found what appeared to be an account that he had opened at Cam4, a site where women and men put on sexual displays, by webcam. Clementi also used a hookup Web site called Adam4adam.

This was M. According to Clementi, M. Rooms could be reached only by walking through the student lounge. On September 19th, a Sunday, Clementi was expecting M. As before, he asked Ravi for the room with a text message. He returned to Davidson Hall at about nine.

Upon leaving Room 30, Ravi apparently first made a quick visit to her room, across the hall. Ravi said of his brief encounter with M. If Ravi was as disoriented as Wei claims, one can perhaps see why: Clementi was hesitant to talk about curtains, but in a busy dorm, after less than a month of cohabitation, he had kicked out his roommate so that he could have a sexual encounter with an older man who made no pretense of being his boyfriend. According to Tam, Ravi had already explored unorthodox uses of webcams. For a high-school physics project, Ravi had tried to link a webcam to a hobbyist coil gun.

In the summer before college, he wrote a computer program that prompted webcams to snap photographs, at intervals, and upload them to a Web site.

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He disguised the program as something else, and tried to get friends to install it. Tam thinks that, by the evening of September 19th, Ravi had already told him that he intended to use a webcam to see why Clementi had begun asking for exclusive use of their room. An online video chat, using an application like iChat or Skype, starts like a phone call: one person requests a conversation, and the recipient must accept the request.

But Ravi had tweaked his iChat settings so that the program could automatically accept incoming calls. Whatever the case, that evening the program was set to auto-accept; he also turned off his monitor, or darkened it to black. At P. He opened iChat, and clicked his name on her chat list.

A few feet away, his computer accepted his request, and Ravi and Wei saw a live video image of Room Ravi later said that they had their shirts off. I saw him making out with a dude. This issue may become important to a jury, given the seeming conflict between a charge of invasion of privacy and a charge of bias intimidation, both charges that Ravi faces. Spying is secret, and intimidation is not. Ravi left the room, and later returned with a friend who lived in the dorm. We saw Tyler again.

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But at one point Clementi noticed its webcam suddenly glowing green. That night, just before eleven-thirty, he and Hannah Yang began a long I. Though Clementi may have been a bit of a loner, in Yang he appears to have had a thoughtful friend. She pushed back:. Forty-five minutes later, Clementi wrote a message to Justusboys. There was his claim that he hated high school, and there were three files on his computer, written in July and early September, whose contents are unknown but whose file names are Gah.

It may be significant that, on his initiative, he and his mother had taken excursions to bridges around New York; he kept photographs he had taken of the George Washington Bridge on his phone. Now Clementi saw a risk in turning a creepy episode into a scandal that he was not equipped to handle. He had things to protect: a fresh start at school, a new lover, a new home. In person, he and Ravi had maintained a wary coexistence, and it was built on not discussing what they knew and said of each other online.

Ravi was sneaky, but sneakiness is a form of discretion; he was nice enough face to face. I feel like the only thing the school might do is find me another roommate, probably with me moving out. He quickly received a few friendly replies. Just before four in the morning, with Ravi probably asleep a few feet away, Clementi went online to the Rutgers housing site and requested a room change. At quarter to five, he asked for advice on Yahoo Answers.

What he is doing is completely inappropriate. Clementi weighed his dilemma. On Tuesday, September 21st, Clementi invited M. Ravi now went into full impresario mode, in a way that may present the greatest challenge to his attorney. Ravi is charged with having done both these things on September 19th, and with having attempted to repeat them on September 21st. On both dates, bias intimidation is attached, creating the risk of a long prison sentence.

On the twenty-first, however, Ravi tried to set up a viewing. I love rutgers. Prosecutors allege that, at P.

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That evening, Ravi also texted with Michelle Huang, a high-school friend who was at Cornell. Just before M. Grover took him seriously, and asked him to repeat his story in an e-mail. He also offered him a spare bed in his own room for that night. Clementi declined, and returned to his room. In a text sent at P. Ravi contends that, by this time, he had changed his mind about the broadcast, and had disabled his webcam. Clementi did not tell him about what had happened on Sunday. Just after eleven, he texted Clementi to ask if he was still using the room.

About fifteen minutes later, Clementi sent a formal e-mail to Grover. Late the next morning, Clementi spoke to his mother on the phone. They were discussing the difficulties of a particular passage, making notes in their music, and even discussing some events that were upcoming. Everything was, on its face, so typically typical. Ravi had no classes that day, and spent much of it in his room.

In the afternoon, Raahi Grover, the R. This may have been the first time they had interacted since Sunday.

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Ravi and Clementi were there together for less than an hour. Ravi told police that he was called away from the room by a friend. When he came back, Clementi was gone, although his bag was still there. Mainardi told me what he knew of the next hours. Clementi went to the campus food court, bought a burger, and, at about six-thirty, took the university shuttle bus to the rail station, where he took a train to New York, then a subway uptown.

He headed toward the George Washington Bridge. He was carrying his phone, and he installed the Facebook app—this action was reportedly documented on his news feed. The fall, from the center of the bridge, is about two hundred feet. His phone and wallet were found on the bridge. Five minutes after Clementi posted to Facebook, Ravi sent him a long text.

Ravi later said that he saw the Facebook posting only on the following day. I wanted to make amends for sunday night. Ten minutes later, Ravi wrote again, in a less weaselly way. In fact one of my closest friends is gay and he and I have a very open relationship. I just suspected you were shy about it which is why I never broached the topic. Police officers drove to Davidson C, but there was no reply when they knocked at Room Wei, noticing the commotion, phoned Ravi eight or nine times.

He gave them a description of M. Its happening again. Stupid drafts. It seems more likely that he was being evasive. He knew that a less incriminating version of his tweet would have a Wednesday time stamp. The deletion of the two earlier tweets, along with text-message conversations that Ravi had with Huang and Wei, form part of the indictment against him.

By ten-thirty that night, the Clementis had been told that, apparently, Tyler had jumped from the George Washington Bridge. On September 29th, Jim Swimm, who lives in northern Manhattan, was taking a lunchtime walk in Inwood Hill Park when he saw a body floating in the Hudson. A park ranger called the police, who dispatched a boat that picked up the body near a Columbia University athletic complex. That afternoon, Wei was being interviewed by Rutgers police.

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During a break in questioning, she received a text from Ravi:. W EI : Omg dharun why didnt u talk to me first i told them everything. This exchange, too, is included in the indictment, as an alleged act of witness tampering. Ravi was asleep at home when the police came to Plainsboro. His father woke him, and Ravi agreed to be taken back to New Brunswick, where he spoke to the police after waiving his right to a lawyer.

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He again claimed that he had abandoned the Tuesday viewing, and tried to explain the business of the deleted tweets. You want to lie to us?

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If prosecutors had been able to charge Ravi with shiftiness and bad faith—if the criminal law exactly reflected common moral judgments about kindness and reliability—then to convict him would be easy. The long indictment against Ravi can be seen as a kind of regretful commentary about the absence of such statutes. Similarly, the enduring false belief that Ravi was responsible for outing Tyler Clementi, and for putting a sex tape on the Internet, can be seen as a collective effort to balance a terrible event with a terrible cause.

Ravi alone was charged for an attempted viewing on September 21st. That may come to pass here. In April, , a grand jury indicted Ravi on fifteen counts, including two charges of second-degree bias intimidation. Two weeks later, Wei made a deal with prosecutors: the charges against her would be dropped if she agreed to attend counselling, serve three hundred hours of community service, and testify against Ravi, if called.

Before the end of May, Ravi was offered a plea bargain for a three-to-five-year sentence; he rejected it. A second offer was made in December: no jail time, an effort to protect him against deportation, and six hundred hours of community service. This, too, was rejected.

He is waiting at home in Plainsboro. On Christmas Eve of , year-old Laci Peterson went missing from the home she shared with her husband, Scott, in California. Before she went missing, Laci had already picked out a name for the baby — Connor — and painted the nursery blue with a nautical theme. Scott, 30 at the time, said that he had last seen her leaving their home to walk their dog, a golden retriever named McKenzie, as he departed for a fishing trip to the Berkeley Marina.

Scott reported her missing to the police after returning from his trip that evening.

The astounding true story of 'Compliance'

The Petersons were an attractive couple, as Flynn pointed out to EW , and the case quickly drew media attention. They stood by him as the police began to search his home, his boat and his car, and as authorities told the press that Peterson was not being fully cooperative in their investigation. That changed when Amber Frey, a massage therapist, told the police that she and Scott had been having an affair.